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Total production of “ROBOCUT” has reached 30,000 units

March 1, 2017

Total production of “ROBOCUT” has reached 30,000 units. ROBOCUT is a wire-cut electric discharge machine of FANUC, which has a history spanning more than 40 years dating back to 1975 when production was started. Since then, with the guidance of many users, advancements have steadily been made to reach the 30,000 milestone.

FANUC has enhanced the speed and precision of ROBOCUT in order to handle requirements for increased precision in mold-making and parts machining.

Furthermore, auto wire feeding functions and collaboration with FANUC robots have opened up many possibilities for automated systems that enable continuous unmanned operation, in order to optimize efficiency in the manufacturing workplace.

Backed by the total power of FANUC, ROBOCUT will continue to be developed as a high-value-added product, attuned to the needs of manufacturing.