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FANUC Robot AI path control function

FANUC has introduced the "AI path control function" to improve the precision of cutting and welding with robots.

  • With this function, a robot's path is estimated by an acceleration sensor, and the AI learns the amount of deviation from the command path. By using FANUC's level 3 machine learning function, compensation is then performed to provide high-precision circular and straight-line paths.
  • Paths used to be improved by skilled operators who finetuned teaching through long hours of trial and error. This function completes such adjustments in a short time without depending on the skills of workers. Moreover, a wireless acceleration sensor makes it easy to attach sensors.
  • Wireless acceleration sensors can be detached and shared among multiple robots. It is possible to adjust paths with the AI function just during the start-up of robots, and then detach the sensor during mass production.

This function can be used for applications in which the path's precision is important, such as LASER cutting of sheet metal and water jet cutting of automobile sheet material. This function is first released with the ARC Mate series, and will gradually be extended to other models.

FANUC Robot AI path control function


(FANUC News 2019-III)