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Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

FANUC CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as “FANUC”) hereby adopt and shall comply with Social Media Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”) concerning the operation of official social media accounts and participation in social media.
In addition, we will establish and operate community guidelines separately for prohibited matters.

  1. Purposes of participation and basic policy in Social Media

    FANUC conducts promotions, communication activities, announcements, public relations activities, etc. using various SNS for the purpose of building better relationships with customers and those who use social media (hereinafter referred to as the “SNS”).

    In using SNS, all FANUC employees must comply with FANUC basic philosophy of "precision and transparency," comply with the "Officers and Employees of FANUC Code of Conduct," and conduct activities rooted in corporate ethics and legal compliance.

  2. Attitude toward Participating in Social Media

    We are fully aware of our responsibility and the impact of transmitting information on SNS, and use SNS while paying attention to the following.

    • As a member of society, we will act appropriately based on correct corporate ethics and fair, transparent, and free competition, in addition to complying with domestic and foreign laws and regulations.
    • We value the process of dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders regarding the information that society needs, we will facilitate two-way communication with society while ensuring transparency by listening to diverse opinions including negative opinions about us, and responding sincerely and proactively.
    • When collecting information, we will use legitimate means in a fair and appropriate manner, and strive to maintain the confidentiality of our customers' confidential information and personal information.
    • We recognize that information once posted may spread to an unspecified large number of users and it cannot be completely deleted, and we will strive to send information that does not cause misunderstandings.
  3. For our customer and Social Media Users

    Information posted on official social media accounts does not necessarily indicate an FANUC’s official announcement or opinions but aim to emphasize immediacy and timeliness.
    For FANUC's official announcements and opinions, please confirm on our homepage.

  4. Official Accounts

    The official accounts of the social media operated by FANUC CORPORATION in Japan are as follows:




  5. Inquiry about the official accounts

    Click here and contact us for inquiry about our social media policy and usage of our SNS.


Community Guidelines

  1. Overview

    FANUC CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as the “FANUC”) have established community guidelines (hereinafter referred to as the "Guidelines") for official social media accounts (hereinafter referred to as the "Official Accounts") as follows.

  2. Deletion Policy

    Please note that posts (including comments and reply) and actions that include the following content are prohibited and may be deleted* without notice.
    In addition, if we determine that it is malicious, we may take measures to report to each SNS.

    • Information corresponding to internal confidentiality, etc. before public disclosure.
    • False, misrepresentation, misleading, or misunderstanding content
    • Content that hinders healthy and meaningful discussions
    • Content that discriminates against or slanders third parties, or violates privacy, human rights, etc.
    • Anything that constitutes Spamming.
    • Comments or posts impersonating FANUC or a third party
    • Introduction and promotion of own products, stores, and companies
    • Information that is not true, or may not to be true.
    • Anything that infringes on the copyrights, portrait rights, or other intellectual property rights of the group, users, or third parties
    • Political, election, or religious activities and incidental activities
    • Any content that is or may be linked to illegal or criminal acts.
    • Inappropriate content including obscene expressions
    • Content that slanders the group and group employees.
    • Acts or content that the group deems inappropriate for operation

    *About deletion:
    Regarding deletion, it refers to all operations to prevent third parties from seeing the relevant post (including comments and replies) in accordance with the operation rules of each SNS.

  3. Disclaimer
    • Regarding posts on official accounts, we keep in mind to be as accurate as possible at the time of posting. Please check our corporate website for official announcements and official views.
    • Posts (including quotes) or other information from users (stakeholders of the group) or third parties (general SNS users other than users) posted on the Group's official account (including timelines and feeds) We are not responsible for the accuracy, legality, etc. of the information, except for the information sent by the Group through the official account.
    • FANUC is not responsible for any damage caused by problems between users or between users and third parties.
    • Comments (including questions) about posts (including no posts) will be answered only on the official account, and we will not be able to reply to all comments (including questions).
    • FANUC official accounts do not follow. In addition, if an account that posts content that corresponds to "2. Items to be deleted" or another account that we consider inappropriate follows the official account, we may block or take other measures.
    • The information posted on the official accounts is as of its posting and is subject to delete.
    • Official Social Media do not use the direct message function. Therefore, we may unable to reply to that User or respond to those direct messages.
    • FANUC may use the content of comments (including quoted posts) sent to official accounts for FANUC's marketing activities, etc., to the extent that individuals cannot be identified.
  4. Rights

    Copyrights and other rights of posts on official accounts belong to FANUC CORPORATION and rights holders recognized by FANUC CORPORATION.

  5. Amending of Terms of use of Guideline

    The Group may change the Guidelines without the consent of users. In this case, these amended Terms of Use shall be effective upon their publication by an appropriate method such as being posted on the Group's website.

  6. Privacy policy

    When FANUC acquire personal information, and manage it appropriately based on the terms of each social media company, this guideline, and its privacy policy.

  7. Inquiry about the official accounts

    Click here for inquiry about the official accounts and its guidelines.

  8. Governing Law; jurisdiction

    If the need for a lawsuit arises with respect to use of FANUC CORPORATION Official Social Media, the Tokyo District Court has exclusive jurisdiction as the court of first instance.