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Coordination with External Initiatives

FANUC promotes partnerships with various organizations including public institutions and organizations in industrial and academic fields, to realize sustainable development.

Public Institution

The Consortium of Human Education for Future Robot System Integration (CHERSI) FANUC participates in the Study Group on Establishing an Industry-Academia Collaborative Framework for Human Resource Development, held by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and has signed a memorandum to establish CHERSI, which will develop human resources specialized in robotics.
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) FANUC participated in the Strategic Innovation Program for Energy Conservation Technologies conducted by NEDO by submitting a research plan on the development of machine tools for realizing energy saving, “R&D on Energy-Saving Machine Tools that Apply New Structural Materials”, jointly with the Japan Machine Tool Builders' Association and other organizations and achieved the plan's energy-saving targets through research extending over three years.

Economic and Business Associations

FA Foundation This foundation was established for the purpose of giving awards for research achievements related to FA (factory automation) and industrial robot technology. It is operated using the interest from funds donated by FANUC at the time of its establishment and subsequent donations by FANUC.
Japan Business Federation (KEIDANREN) As a member of KEIDANREN, FANUC strives to resolve international issues and strengthen economic relations with other countries through dialogue with concerned parties and attendance at committees, while complying with the Charter of Corporate Behavior.
Japan Machine Tool Builders' Association The Association is a comprehensive organization related to the machine tool business, which is mainly comprised of machine tool builders in Japan. FANUC's Chairman, Dr. Yoshiharu Inaba, serves as its Chairman.
Japan Robot Association FANUC is a regular member of the Association, which is an organization that encourages research and development on robots and associated system products, and promotes the use of robot technology.
The Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers FANUC is a member of the Society, which is an organization that drafts and promotes measures to increase productivity and to rationalize production structure in the field of environmental equipment, plastic machinery, and other industrial machinery.
Optoelectronics Industry and Technology Development Association FANUC regularly participates in the Multi-Technology Integrated Optical Process Study Group hosted by the Association.
Japan Forming Machinery Association FANUC participates in the drafting of relevant ISO standards as a member of this Association.
ROBOT Industrial Basic Technology Collaborative Innovation Partnership (ROBOCIP) FANUC participates as a member of the ROBOT Industrial Basic Technology Collaborative Innovation Partnership (ROBOCIP), in which robot manufacturers collaborate in basic technological research of industrial robots, with the aims of broadening and deepening the scale and content of research beyond what could be accomplished independently as well as strengthening the foundation for technological innovation in line with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Academic Associations

Participation in various conferences FANUC participates in academic societies of relevant fields to collect the latest technical information.
We actively participate in the Electric Discharge Machining Phenomena Basic Research Committee of the Japan Society of Electrical Machining Engineers.
FANUC regularly participates in various workshops and symposiums held by the Japan Welding Society.
Exchange of opinions with universities Every year, FANUC invites faculty members of several universities to its new products open house show in April, where we introduce our latest products and have the professors introduce the latest technologies, targeting technical exchange.
Collaboration with universities FANUC collaborates with the University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, the University of California, Berkeley (USA), RWTH Aachen University (Germany), Frankfurt International School, Wiesbaden Campus (Germany), and other universities to conduct joint research and exchange opinions. We also provide scholarship donations to help cultivate young researchers for the future.