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Vulnerability Information

FANUC Security Advisories

April 13, 2023 Vulnerabilities in ROBOGUIDE PDF file(272KB)
October 14, 2022 Vulnerabilities in ROBOGUIDE (Updated the contents announced on July 15, 2022) PDF file(213KB)
March 18, 2022 Vulnerabilities in FANUC Robot Controllers (Updated the contents announced on December 16, 2021) PDF file(295KB)
November 26, 2020 Multiple Vulnerabilities in TCP/IP Stack PDF file(247KB)
November 26, 2020 Denial-of-Service Vulnerability in TCP/IP Stack of Embedded Ethernet PDF file(247KB)


  • About Vulnerabilities in ROBOGUIDE (CVE-2023-1864) (April 13, 2023) New!
  • About Vulnerabilities in ROBOGUIDE (CVE-2021-38483, CVE-2021-43933, CVE-2021-43986, CVE-2021-43988, CVE-2021-43990)
    The description of Vulnerabilities in ROBOGUIDE posted on FANUC website on July 15, 2022 has been partially updated. (October 14, 2022)
  • About Vulnerabilities in FANUC Robot Controllers (CVE-2021-32996, CVE-2021-32998)
    The description of Vulnerability in FANUC Robot Controllers posted on FANUC website on December 16, 2021 has been partially updated. (March 18, 2022)
  • Impact of Apache Log4j Vulnerability(CVE-2021-44832) to FANUC Products:
    Currently, no products vulnerable to CVE-2021-44832 have been identified.
    If any product is determined to be impacted, the “FANUC Security Advisories" will be updated. (Jan 31, 2022)


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