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Climate Change

Targets and initiatives to achieve carbon neutrality by FY2050

Setting of targets to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to achieve carbon neutrality by FY2050

Targets for reducing GHG emissions

Targets for the reduction of GHG emissions from the business activities of the FANUC Group (Scope 1 and 2):

  • 42% reduction by FY2030 (in comparison with FY2020) (Application has been submitted for SBT (Science Based Targets) validation)
  • Carbon neutral by FY2050


GHG emission reduction initiatives

Reducing GHG emissions from business activities

Part of the power consumed in the FANUC Headquarters’ area, Mibu factories and Tsukuba factories will be renewable electricity, and other sites will also switch to using renewable electricity in the near future. Furthermore, solar panels will be set up, and measures to save energy will be further accelerated to reduce GHG emissions resulting from our business activities.

FANUC Headquarters
FANUC Headquarters

Mibu Factories
Mibu Factories

Reducing GHG emissions from the usage of FANUC products

The enhancement of energy saving features of FANUC’s FA, ROBOT and ROBOMACHINE products will contribute to reducing the GHG emissions of the products’ users.


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