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New function QSSR

QSSR (Quick & Simple Start-up of Robotization) is a function to connect a robot to a machine tool quickly and easily.


Please also see for QSSR of CNC and Robot.

QSSR for CNC and robot

Connecting a machine tool to a robot or checking the operating status can be performed easily.

  • Easy connection with one Ethernet cable
  • Easy setup with the guidance function
  • Start-up of robot controller programs from the CNC program with M-code
  • Robot status check and manual continuous feed are available on the CNC screen.

Robot control from CNC

Robots can be controlled by CNCs.

  • Robot control using a CNC program in G-code
  • Robot positioning is possible with the handle of the machine tool, and programs can be created easily on the CNC screen

New function QSSR


(FANUC News 2020-I)