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FA Products

The FA product lineup includes CNCs, servo motors, servo amplifiers, and laser oscillators.

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FA Product Videos

Ease of Use

User-friendly operation system iHMI, and easy design of custom screens



CNC-QSSR : Quick and easy support for introducing Robots into machine tools




High Machining Performance

High-speed and Fine-surface machining functions


Minimizing Downtime

Technologies to minimize downtime, in accordance with the following 3 basic policies, "Reliable", "Predicable", and "Easy to repair".




Latest CNC Line-up

The latest CNC line-up of 0i series and 30i series.


Servo Line-up

The latest topics of FANUC servo products such as motors and amplifiers




Power Motion

Power Motion and Digital Servo Adapter, which control industrial machines with high precision.


FANUC's YouTube Channel