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Construction of New Factory

May 14, 2019

FANUC CORPORATION is pleased to announce the construction of a new factory for ROBONANO. The existing ROBONANO factories (two buildings) will be combined, and shall be replaced by the new factory. The new factory will enhance production of the ROBONANO for turning, which is a new addition to the lineup of the current ROBONANO for machining.

  1. Overview of New ROBONANO Factory
    • Investment: Approximately 3.5 billion yen (not including manufacturing equipment)
    • Total Floor Space: Approximately 4,650m² (one-story building, with one part being two-stories)
    • Production Capacity: Starting with 5 units/month, will increase to 10 units/month
    • Scheduled Date of Completion: September, 2019
    • Scheduled Start of Production: October, 2019
  2. Image of New ROBONANO Factory

New ROBONANO Factory