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Please be careful of suspicious emails masquerading as emails from FANUC CORPORATION

February 15, 2022


We have confirmed that suspicious emails have been sent to several people, claiming to be from the FANUC CORPORATION and its actual employees.

This suspicious email is characterized by the fact that the domain of the sending address (after the @) is different from that of our company (
We have also confirmed that the suspicious email contains (ⅰ) a zip file and a password for decompression, (ⅱ) a URL, and/or (ⅲ) a quotation of the subject or text of a previous email.

In case you receive a suspicious email, please delete the email immediately without opening the attached file or clicking on the URL.

In addition, if you find anything unnatural about the date, time, or subject of the email, or if you are at a loss to judge the email, please contact our service sales department by phone or other means (other than email) for confirmation.


(Other information)

At this time, no traces of information leakage from FANUC have been confirmed. (Monitored by the internal SOC.)