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Promotion Framework and Initiatives

Environmental Management Promotion

FANUC recognizes that actions for the environment are an important tasks, with the President and CEO designated as the person responsible for the initiatives. Important environmental issues, including climate change, are reported to the Board of Directors for decision-making. Reports on the progress of FANUC's environmental initiatives, and the direct and indirect impacts of the environment on our business activities are collected from environmental managers assigned to the relevant divisions, and reported at the ISO14001 meeting, which is chaired by the Executive Managing Officer and General Manager, Production Division. Important matters are reported to the Board of Directors for decision-making.
Regular reports include the setting of environmental goals in March of each year, as well as a report on environmental management for the previous fiscal year in June.

Environmental Management System

FANUC has acquired certification for the international standard for environmental management systems ISO 14001 (2015 version).
In August 1999, the entire FANUC organization was granted ISO14001 certification, with the registered range being those activities related to FA, ROBOT, and ROBOMACHINE products (including research and development, manufacturing, and sales & service). This not only covers Headquarters (Yamanashi) but also the Tsukuba Factory, Hayato Factory, and each of Hino, Nagoya, Osaka, Hokkaido, Tsukuba and Kyusyu branches and offices. In fiscal 2018, our Mibu Factory was also included.
This environmental management system applies to every FANUC site in Japan, and also to the employees, factories, premises, buildings, facilities, corporate activities and environmental conservation activities related to the products and services offered by FANUC's domestic group companies.

Scope of Application of Environmental Management System

Scope of Application of Environmental Management System

Organization and Structure

With the Executive Managing Officer and General Manager, Production Division serving as the chair, we hold ISO14001 meetings once a year, consisting of representatives of related divisions, to determine activity plans and review activities. Important matters at ISO14001 meetings are reported to the Board of Directors.

Organization and Structure

Internal Environmental Audit

FANUC conducts internal environmental audits of all divisions every year. The purpose of these audits is to confirm that the environmental management system conforms to ISO14001 standards and is being appropriately implemented and maintained. To ensure objectivity and fairness, the audits are performed by auditors selected from divisions other than those being audited. In cases where nonconformities are discovered in an internal environmental audit, corrective measures are implemented.

Environmental Education and Information Disclosure

To fully understand the significant environmental aspects, risks and opportunities and to minimize, control and improve the environmental load, we provide environmental training to all our employees.
New recruits, regular employees, people in charge of specific tasks, and people in charge of environmental management are educated in accordance with their respective tasks.

Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

FANUC has established a system to identify environmental laws and regulations, manage data related to both the direct and indirect impacts of our business activities on the environment, and make reports regularly.
In the unlikely event of any violations of laws or regulations, we will take swift corrective actions.
In fiscal 2020 and in the past until now, there have been no serious violations of laws or regulations, fines or civil penalties, or major spillages in relation to the environment. Furthermore, no complaints regarding environmental issues have been filed.