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Support for Customers

Technical Support for Our Customers

Each business division provides support to our customers per product, to enhance customer satisfaction.
In the FA Business Division, the Sales Engineering Department plays a central role in providing technical support and adjustments for installing CNCs at the design/production sites of machine tool builders, who are our customers, as well as support for building machining systems for laser oscillators and determining machining settings. Engineers are dispatched from research & development divisions as necessary to share the latest technical information and hold technical meetings to deal with new models designed by our customers.
The ROBOT Business Division and the ROBOMACHINE Business Division also provide technical support for automating production lines of our customers.

Efforts to Facilitate the Introduction of New Models

FANUC facilitates the introduction of new machine tool models at manufacturing sites. For machining programs using G code, which are primarily utilized in FANUC CNCs, the program of old models can be used as-is, without making changes. As such, machine tools equipped with FANUC CNCs can reuse the programs and settings of old machines, thereby facilitating the introduction of new machine tools for our users.
Even during the introduction of new ROBOT and ROBOSHOT models, the programs for old robot models can be converted and reused. In ROBOSHOTs, various settings data and parameter files for molding conditions can be transferred to other models. Combined with our efforts for lifetime maintenance, we realize the long-term use of our products, and promote improvements in customer satisfaction and the effective utilization of resources.
Our collaborative robots do not require a safety fence and can be easily installed later without the need to re-design the existing production line layout.
The robot mechanical arms and controller of the new collaborative robot CRX are lightweight, enabling them to be carried by hand, eliminating the need for a crane for transportation and installation. In addition, while industrial machinery often uses a three-phase power supply, which is for commercial use, CRX is compatible with AC100V/200V single-phase power supply, so it can be plugged into a normal power socket.