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Solutions for Decreases in the Workforce and Skilled Engineers

The number of workers in the manufacturing industry, as well as the number of skilled engineers is expected to decrease in the future.
FANUC promotes labor saving through the automation and robotization of factories, in order to solve the problem.
In addition, if engineers cannot operate the machines properly, not only will productivity decline, but also the facility operating rates will decrease due to such failures, and the engineers themselves may be injured. We strive to solve this issues by developing user-friendly products.

Partial automation of work processes by collaborative robots Collaborative robots do not require a safety fence, because they securely stop operating when coming into contact with humans. This enables the partial automation of work processes at manual labor production sites.
Collaborative robots provide additional options for solving labor shortage.
QSSR (Quick and Simple Start-up of Robotization) In order to reduce the technical roadblocks involved in building robot systems, we have packaged the basic elements required to connect CNCs and robots. FANUC facilitates the introduction of systems that easily connect machine tools and industrial machinery to robots and easily check operation status, as well as with robot control by CNC programming (G code command) and manual handles, including a function that automatically views and recognizes the relative positions of the machine and the robot, without requiring correction of the robot’s position teaching.
Visual guidance screen Functions such as a simple adjustment for adjusting machining parameters, which enables easy fine-tuning, are displayed on the guidance screen, to provide visual guidance on how to use the machines. They are user-friendly even for unskilled operators.
Easy-to-use user interface (UI) By making the UI of the teaching pendant used in the teaching of robots easier to use and adopting a tablet style for the pendant, we have made it easy even for unskilled workers to conduct operation and programming.
The new collaborative robot CRX has made the creation of teaching programs easier, enabling operators to use their hands to move the robot arms directly and control the robot easily even on first-time use. With the tablets now widely used, operators can create teaching programs by dragging and dropping icons, just as they would with a smartphone.
Easy connection of laser oscillators Highly- synchronous connection with machine tools and robots through simple settings supports the smooth building of machining systems.
SERVO GUIDE, AI Servo Tuning We provide machinery manufacturers with support tools for the easy realization of high-level tuning of parameters to control the servo motor. The inclusion of an AI-based tuning support function enables even unskilled operators to carry out servo tuning.